Monthly Archives: November 2015

30 Nov

Snow Shoveling 101

Did you know, Colorado gets an average of 53 inches of snow a year?  That may not seem like a lot, but it IS  if you have to shovel snow off your driveway and/or sidewalks! It is common for people to begin getting aches and pain in their shoulders and backs after a morning of

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25 Nov

Ski/Snowboard Conditioning

If you’re thinking about getting up to the mountains to ski or snowboard soon that also means it’s time to get into shape for it. With the snow that is coming this week, there should be a nice powdery blanket on the slopes, making it a great time to hit the slopes. Strengthening is important to reduce

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16 Nov

Knee Pain is No Joke!

          If you have pain in your knee, is it important to get medical care for yourself so that your knee pain does not lead to a serious medical condition.  The legs are considered a “chain” in the body, one link out of place affects the surrounding links. Hence, the knee

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