Monthly Archives: September 2017

22 Sep

National Fall Prevention Awareness Day

Today is the first day of fall! What you may not know is that today is also National Fall Awareness Day. In our society, the number of aging adults is ever growing. Did you know that every 11 seconds and older adult is seen in the ER for a fall-related injury? That means that 1

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15 Sep

Student Athletes Who Specialize at Greater Risk for Injury

There has been a trend in adolescent sports for kids to specialize in one sport early in life. Focusing on one sport can give kids the experience needed to play on high level club teams, attract college recruiters, and possibly receive a sports scholarship. However, there is a downside to early specialization. There have been

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07 Sep


Kids = Germs? Children fill our homes with love, laughter —- and respiratory infections! Did you know that the larger your family, the more time your family will spend with cold symptoms this year. Single people typically develop 2-3 colds per year. Meanwhile in households with six kids, each member of the family can expect

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