24 Aug

Preparing for Winter Sports

The staff at Brookside Physical Therapy is looking forward to a snowy winter this year in Colorado!  Skiing and snowboarding are the top winter sports in our state, making Colorado the #1 ski and snowboard destination in the country.  It is one thing to get prepared for the winter season with your boots, coats, and

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05 Aug

Back to School, Backpack Safety

As your kids are starting back at school this month, there are many important supplies they will need for the new school year. This list seems to grow more and more each year, in turn creating more and more weight your children have to carry. One of particular importance to us at Brookside is their

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24 Jul

Headaches: Practically Everyone Gets Them

  Do you suffer from headaches? If so, there can be many factors that contribute to your pain. Posture is one of them. Tension or physical stress headaches may be from how you sit, stand, and breathe. Stress at home and work can also play a factor in causing headaches. No matter what triggers your

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08 Jul

Safe Outdoor Exercising Tips

  Here at Brookside Physical Therapy, we are committed to educating the community on health and safety. This post overviews the importance of understanding effects and symptoms of heat stress, be able to take precautions against it, and know first aid treatment to keep you safe and healthy while working outdoors. Our body is a remarkable

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06 Jun

New Brookside Blog is here!

Welcome to the new Brookside Physical Therapy blog! We have been updating our website. Thank you for your patience and also for continuing to be a fan of our clinic. The mission of our blog is to educate and inform the public about health and injury prevention, and to give advice from our physical therapists

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