Dry Needling

Brookside has exciting news! We now have a Dry Needling Certified Physical Therapist on staff. Tiffany Wolf has brought this exciting technique to our clinic.

So what is Dry Needling? This technique uses a thin flilform needle to penetrate skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of pain and movement impairments.
How does this work? There are many reasons why a physical therapist may recommend dry needling; however below are two or the more common uses.

-Chronic Pain: If you have pain from an injury for greater than 3 months, likely you are experiencing chronic pain. Needling can help get you out of this long term pain cycle. The needle creates a small “microtrauma” like getting a splinter. This then initiates a healing response. The body heals not only the “microtrauma” from the needle but the lingering tissues that didn’t heal after the first injury.

-Trigger Points: Muscles often develop myofascial trigger points or taut bands within the muscle fibers. The needle can cause a twitch response which release the chemicals that hold the muscle in spasm.
Conditions we can treat include (but are not limited to); neck pain, shoulder impingement; tennis elbow; carpal tunnel syndrome; headaches; knee pain; shin splints; plantar fasciitis; and low back pain.

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