Healthy Eating Over the Holidays

The Holiday season is finally here. It is that magical time of year when we are reminded of all the little things to be grateful for like family, friends, happy memories, and of course good food! I think we all can agree that overeating is a challenge we face this time of year.

But what does that mean for our health? One study we came across found out that the average American consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. That is over 2.25 times the recommended intake per day of 2,000 calories.

To put those numbers in perspective, we have including a figure showing how much exercise it would take to burn off your favorite Holiday foods.

Brookside Physical Therapy's photo.

So what can we do to prevent overeating? We have also included some healthier but equally as tasty ideas from our family to yours, to help everyone eat a little better this season!


Brookside Physical Therapy's photo.


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