Knee Osteoarthritis

Chances are that you have or you know someone who has knee pain. Osteoarthritis is on the rise in the US, and many health care practitioners are asking the question, “WHY?”. One common thought is that more people are living longer and therefore have more “wear and tear.” Another hypothesis is the rise in obesity placing more weight on the knees and therefore leading again to “wear and tear.”

However, new evidence reveals that even correcting for body mass index and age, osteoarthritis of the knee is twice as common now as it was before the 1950s. So WHAT is causing the increase in OA?

PHYSICAL INACTIVITY! We live in a nation with more desk jobs, less daily exercise, and lots of car travel. As our activity levels drop, our knee OA levels rise. This is one reason that physical therapy can significantly help knee OA. The more “motion” you do, the more you can “lotion” up your joints and reduce your pain.

Go to NPR’s website for more information:…/heal…/2017/08/15/543402095/creaky-knees