Knee Pain is No Joke!

          If you have pain in your knee, is it important to get medical care for yourself so that your knee pain does not lead to a serious medical condition.  The legs are considered a “chain” in the body, one link out of place affects the surrounding links. Hence, the knee having pain and causing compensations to occur can begin affecting the stability and health of the ankle, hip and even into the back. Knee pain results  from a variety of different causes such as injuries, general wear and tear, and diseases.  The most common culprit of knee pain is Osteoarthritis, which is defined as the degeneration of the joint. There are multiple causes a few of which are older age, obesity, history of knee injuries, and a sedentary lifestyle.  These causes can lead to pain, stiffness, swelling, and breakdown of the cartilage if left untreated.
          So, what now? how do you take care of your knees? Going straight to surgery may not be needed, or even effective in some cases. Did you know that surgery is no more effective than physical therapy and medical management for osteoarthritis of the knee. (New England Journal of Medicine, September 2008) Because of this you can save time, money and pain by seeking the guidance of a physical therapist to reduce your knee pain.  Our physical therapists can customize a plan specifically for you that will focus on strengthening and stretching your muscles along with improving your functional activities.
          How can I prevent knee pain?  Exercise is a wonderful way to help keep you in good physical shape. Our joints require lubrication best AirPod Alternatives to keep the cartilage healthy and reduce the chance of breakdown occurring early in life; this lubrication occurs through movement. Beginning a gradual walking program will help strengthen your legs and keep your body in good condition.  Yoga and Pilates will improve your flexibility and build strength to all areas of your body.

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