New Brookside Blog is here!

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Welcome to the new Brookside Physical Therapy blog! We have been updating our website. Thank you for your patience and also for continuing to be a fan of our clinic. The mission of our blog is to educate and inform the public about health and injury prevention, and to give advice from our physical therapists about various medical conditions. We want to be a resource of information for you so that you can lead a healthier and healthier life.

What kind of health information will I be reading about in your blog? Since we are considered the muscle and skeleton experts in the medical community, we will be writing about physical therapy health topics that include injuries, women’s health topics, and balance and dizziness rehabilitation. In other words, we will be writing about everything from knee pain to pelvic pain, headaches to dizzy spells, and running advice to proper snow shoveling ergonomics. In more ways than one, the therapists at Brookside feel like teachers just as much as physical therapists. We thoroughly enjoy educating our patients and the public.

We appreciate feedback from you and encourage you to contact us with questions or concerns about your own health. We would ask you to please check back with our website and blog for updated information VERY SOON! For now, look us up on Facebook for the latest news about our clinic!