Student Athletes Who Specialize at Greater Risk for Injury

There has been a trend in adolescent sports for kids to specialize in one sport early in life. Focusing on one sport can give kids the experience needed to play on high level club teams, attract college recruiters, and possibly receive a sports scholarship.

However, there is a downside to early specialization. There have been more reports of overuse injury, over-training, and burnout. A new study from The American Journal of Sports Medicine reports that kids who specialize are at about a 50% greater risk of sustaining injuries. During their study 235 students out of 1,500 suffered an injury that was serious enough to take them out of the game for a week or more.

Recommendations by the research group state that as a rule of thumb, kids should limit the number of hours they participate in organized sports each week to the number of years they’ve been alive – or less. So a 10 year old should not play or practice more than 10 hours a week.

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