The Brain is a Powerful Thing!

Last week, we talked about how to boost your level of physical activity to help reduce your risk for developing common diseases. However, did you know that even your PERCEPTION of your activity level could be negatively harming your health. Your mind is a powerful thing!

This idea was discussed in the recent article “Perceived Physical Activity and Mortality: Evidence From Three Nationally Representative U.S. Samples,” published in Health Physiology, written by Octavia H. Zahrt and Alia J. Crum from Stanford University.

The article used hotel attendants versus an office worker as an example. The hotel attendant is moving all day. They are pushing and pulling carts, lifting heavy luggage, and walking throughout the hotel without rest. These people actually get a lot of physical activity per day. However if these individuals believe that they are not fit, not healthy, do not get enough exercises, are not doing the “right” type of exercise, are comparing themselves to others fitness levels; then they are at risk for certain diseases. Even more at risk than the individual who sits at a desk for 8 hours then goes on one 30 minute light walk after work, but thinks they are healthy and doing the “right” type of exercise.

To read more on this interesting topic, click the link here for the full article