X-Rays and MRI’s for Low Back Pain

The low back is one of the most common areas associated with pain. In fact up to 2/3’s of the population will experience low back pain at some point within their life. Traditionally when we are experiencing pain, we go to our doctor and ask for an MRI or x-ray. These are helpful imaging techniques that give us a better idea of what is “going on inside.” However, recent research has discovered that common findings on imaging (herniations, bulges, degeneration) may not be associated with what is actually causing your pain! In fact you can see these same findings in 1/3 of people who are having no pain at all. To learn more about this research and what it could mean for you, follow the link below.


However if conservative management of your pain, such as physical therapy does not help reduce your symptoms further investigation such as MRI/x-rays may be recommended by your doctor.

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